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The stainless FEP encapsulated seal was first used in the U.S. rocket development program associated with space exploration. The stainless seal components are ideal in services such as flowing liquid oxygen and hydrogen, with extremely low cryogenic temperatures (-420°F -250°C).

Welcome to Cryogenic Seal!

We specialize in stainless FEP encapsulated seals, which were originally developed for the U.S. rocket program and space exploration. These seals are perfect for handling flowing liquid oxygen and hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures as low as -420°F (-250°C). But our expertise doesn’t stop there. Today, our cryogenic solutions have expanded to various industries, including transportation, food preparation, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and chemical processing. We understand the challenges of working with elastomeric seals in extreme temperatures, and we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality cryogenic seals and how they can benefit your industry.

Advantages of Encapsulation

Abrasion Resistant
Chemically Inert
Enclosed Energizer Core
Excellent Resilience
High Chemical Resistance
Good Impact Strength

Inch and MM Sizes
Low Absorption
Low Coefficient of Friction
Low Compression Set
Low Ovality

Relatively Low Permeability
Smooth Surface
Wide Temperature Range
No Swelling